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Birdie - Dove White

Safety comes first

Your child’s safety is serious business. The Birdie Scooter has undergone extensive testing to provide your child with a safe and secure ride. Find out what makes Birdie one of the safest kick-scooters around.

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Ultra-Wide Wheels

Almost twice as wide as other industry leading brands, Birdie‘s ultra-wide wheels offer added comfort, safety, and stability when manoeuvring those tricky bumps and corners!


Commonly used in aerospace and automotive industries, fibre-reinforced plastics offer a lightweight solution with high tensile strength. Birdie’s fibre-reinforced footboard allows for a safe and stable ride. Designed to be ultra-wide, the Birdie comfortably accommodates kids up to a recommended maximum weight of 50kg.

Aircraft Grade Aluminium

Prized for its lightweight nature, industrial grade strength, and resistance to corrosion, aircraft grade aluminium is used throughout the Birdie’s T-handlebar. Because sometimes regular aluminium just doesn't make the cut ; )


Bird believes transportation can bring you joy - and be a force for good. Bird designs every one of their vehicles with performance and sustainability in mind. And the details matter. Because a Bird shouldn't just move you. It should move us all forward.

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