Built for Safety

Birdie Scooters may be well-known worldwide for their high safety standards, but how exactly does it compare with other kick scooters in the market? In this blog post, we delve deep to find out.

"Same Same, But Different"

We take a closer look at the Birdie scooter alongside (a similarly priced) one from popular kick scooter brand, M.

Birdie: Suitable for kids aged approximately 3-8 years old, with a recommended maximum weight limit of 50 kg / 110 lb. Retails for SGD 165 / USD 129. 

Brand M: Suitable for kids aged 2-5 years old, with a recommended maximum weight limit of 35 kg / 78 lb. Retails from SGD 140 and up.  


Birdie Comparison Wheels


As per most vehicles, the size of the wheels contribute a great deal to the handling - from performance and practicality, to comfort and manoeuvrability.

Birdie: Outfitted with ultra-wide wheels for enhanced stability. Each ultra-wide front wheel measures 4.5cm (1.77 inches), nearly double that of most kids kick scooters in the market. 

Brand M: Each front wheel measures 2.5cm (0.98 inches) wide.  


Birdie Comparison Footboard


Ample space on the footboard helps to create a stable footing to ride on.

Birdie: At its widest, the Birdie's footboard measures 14.5cm (5.7 inches) across, with gradual and minimal tapering. At over 30% wider than most kick scooter footboards, the Birdie offers more space to create a stable footing and safe riding experience. Engineered for heavy usage, the ultra-wide footboard is fibre-reinforced. Whether your child is just starting out, or is an expert adrenaline seeker, the Birdie gives them the confidence to handle bumps, curves, and manoeuvres as safely as possible. 

Brand M: At its widest, the footboard on Brand M's scooter measures 11.15cm (4.3 inches) across.

Handlebar Angle

Birdie Comparison Handlebar Angles


Balance is one of the key ways a kick scooter helps to keep its rider safe.

Birdie: Engineered with a handlebar at an acute 80 degree angle with its footboard, the Birdie offers an ergonomic lean-to-steer frame that is easy to control. Providing increased stability, enhancing balance, and improving coordination, the design of the scooter reduces the probability of it tipping over. 

Brand M: With a 90 degree angle with its footboard, the handlebar rod is positioned in a vertical, upright position

Seamless Grip Construction

Birdie Comparison Handlebar


A firm grasp of the handlebar offers greater comfort and more safety.

Birdie: One-piece construction offers the rider a firm, seamless grip that runs the entire handlebar and down to the stem; allowing the rider to avoid discomfort, uncertainty, and unnecessary distractions whilst scooting. The T design drastically reduces the risk of the grip coming off, even with extreme amounts of play. The sleek one-piece construction also minimises the opportunity for water and dirt to get trapped between the handlebar and handle grips.

Brand M: Two-piece construction with handlebar grips that are separately attached. 

Height Adjusting Mechanism

Birdie Comparison Height Adjusting Mechanism


Birdie: Adjust the height of the Birdie with a turn bar which can be operated easily and safely with a twist and lock system.

Brand M: Adjust the height of the scooter with a protruding clamp lever and a separate allen key

Brake and Wheel Gap

Birdie Comparison Stomp Brake

Birdie and Brand M scooters are safely equipped with stomp brakes to help your child slow down and come to a stop.

Birdie: Designed with minimal height clearance (between the stomp brake and the back wheel) to maximise safety and ensure a smooth ride.The Birdie has been engineered to respond to your child's needs in the shortest possible amount of time.


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