How to assemble your child's Birdie?

It’s Birdie time. Welcome to the flock! We hope your little ones love their new ride. Don’t forget to share in-flight photos by tagging @birdiescooters on Instagram.

Get to know your Birdie

Birdie is partially assembled already, so you’ll only need to do a few things to get your kiddo flying. Check out the following diagram to make sure you have all the materials required for assembly.

Birdie Assembly T Bar and FootboardBirdie Assembly Parts Labeled


Position the T-bar above the hole on the footboard. Make sure to align the T-bar latch with the notch in the hole. Depress the latch and slide the T-bar into the hole fully. You should hear a click when the T-bar locks into place. Confirm the T-bar is secure by flipping the Birdie over and check that the latch is visible underneath the footboard hole. Before allowing your child to ride, make sure the neck, wheels, and frame of the Birdie are fully secure and all screws are tight.

Birdie Assembly T Bar and Latch

 Adjusting Height

Twist the T-bar lock counter-clockwise. Then press the T-bar button, move the handlebar to desired height, and twist the lock clockwise until tight. Make sure the height of the handlebar is at or below the top adjustment hole.

Birdie Asssembly Height Adjustment

Removing Handlebar

Flip the Birdie over so the bottom of the footboard is visible. Depress the latch near the footboard hole, then pull the T-bar to remove.

Birdie Disassembly T Bar and Latch